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About us


We have all played restaurant at one time or another in our childhood. I can still remember playing drive thru with my cousins in the basement on our bikes! In an industry saturated with electronic toys and games I'm thrilled to bring a product to market that encourages creative minds to play, to learn, to interact and pretend! It is so important to continue to encourage creativity in our kids and to let them explore their imaginations. Our goal is to encourage dreaming and allow imagination to flourish. We hope that when you order one of our products that it will bring laughter, fun and precious family together time to your home!

We are 2 sisters from Pennsylvania living outside of Nashville. We grew up in a family of 5 and have been "cursed" with the family gene of creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit. Creating businesses is our specialty lol! Candy, a mother of 3, came up with the idea to create a play menu set for her children for a Christmas gift in 2012 when she couldn't find anything like it to give to her daughters who LOVED to play in their play kitchen. The play set was a HIT! Soon her mom friends were asking were on earth did you get that? Candy showed Kelly her idea and asked if she would be willing to hand draw custom images for the menus so that she could put them into her already existing Etsy shop just to see what would happen. We were thrilled to see that this was a product that other people were looking for as well! We are so excited to offer a product that resonates with our customers! Time and time again I have customers thank me for creating such a wonderful product. Sharing their childhood stories about playing restaurant with their brother or sister.Telling me how much their children enjoy playing with their set and ordering over and over again as gifts for friends and family! 

We would love to hear from you and we love to see pictures of the kiddos who love their Play Your Way Cafe sets! Feel free to follow us on social media or email us at